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Hellaween 2 EP

Smoke One ENT Music/Hellaween 2 EP

Hellaween 2 EP

Artist: Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT
Labels: album, New, Smoke One ENT
Release Date: 31-10-2015
Genres: Horrorcore Rap, Rap/Hip-Hop

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1. Raisin Hell
2. Satan Made Me Do It
3. Type of Killa (ft. Stoopid Gutta)
4. Voices (ft. Rebelyus)
5. Haunted House (ft. Dr3bo & Teflon Dollar)
6. Kush Be All In Me (Ft. Koopsta Knicca & Saxston)
7. Live To Kill You (ft. Razakel & Smoke Da Donna)
8. He Dead (ft. Shini Madara)
9. On God

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